Avis and the Giant

A handmade concertina style picture book for children based on a short story about a father and his six year old son, running during the quarantine, and a giant. The story is written by Aseem Vadehra and Illustrated by Shoili Kanungo.

Avis and the Giant: A handmade concertina book
A video tour of the book
Spread 1
Spread 2
Spread 3
Spread 4
Spread 5
Spread 6
Spread 7
Spread 8
Spread 9
Spread 10

Process Notes

To create this book I followed an tightly planned process beginning with storyboards to envision various visual concepts and the interaction of image and text. This was followed by explorations of all the visual assets including characters, movements, and objects. An finally, a rough draft in pencil, inked in permanent black, and colored in a loose water color style.

Storyboards for Avis and the Giant
Giant Notes 1
Giant Notes 2
Giant Notes 3
Giant Notes 4
Giants Notes 5
Establishing Rara’s Face
Exploring Running
Drafting the final ideas
Looking at color swatches and brush strokes
Inked and Colored
And ready
And Out!

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